Time to Catch Up

Today’s blog will allow me to play catch-up.  Prior to my arriving Dave Shaw was here preparing for the delegation to arrive.  Jon Schuler arrived late last week and was here when the containers arrived.  Together with the help of many locals they managed to get the containers unloaded and the boxes sorted, however we still do not have Customs approval to deliver the boxes so they wait in-bond.  In the meantime Murray and Cole Ferguson arrived and along with many of our drivers and interpreters managed to strip the wallpaper from several bedrooms at the Chausy Orphanage.  Here Murray and Dave are emptying the rooms of furniture:


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Education is a Two Way Street!

Dave Shaw’s daughter, Riley is currently completing her final year of her Bachelor of Education at Trent University.  As part of her requirements to graduate, Riley had to volunteer for 75 hours in an alternate practicum.   She received special permission from Trent to complete this requirement in Belarus.  Since her major is in Eastern European History with a focus on World War II, and given her families long association with this region through Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, this was a very good fit!  With the help of an interpreter, Riley taught the grade 10 and 11 classes at the Chausy School #1 a segment on Canadian History.


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Aid On Its Way to Belarus!

We had some great volunteers out over the past few days and we managed to get both of our containers loaded and on their way to Belarus. These are container numbers 124 and 125 shipped since 1998 with a total value in excess of $30 million to date! Here you see some of our volunteers with a completed container:


Although they are loaded and on their way, we are still in need of donations to make up a shortfall in a few areas. We need:
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