First Container is Here and Unloaded!

A boy at the orphanage named Vlad is a champion Chess player and Mike McEachern decided to challenge him to a game.  They played on Mike’s iPad so I guess this gave Mike a “home court” advantage, but Vlad beat him anyway.  Mike managed to hang in for about 40 minutes so he was pretty pleased with his game!


The boys finished laying the laminate flooring in Anna’s living room and Continue reading

Fruits of our Labour!

Lots of different projects going on today so I will try to give you a flavour.  Stephen MacKinnon was working with a group of students on another video project, this time it will include some of the Canadians and it includes a tour of the orphanage.  Here Stephen is checking a shot with Yulia.


One of the girls who had graduated from the Chausy Orphanage and then went on to work at the orphanage is now Continue reading