Rotary Club BBQ

Again this year the Rotary Club of Brockville and the Rotary Club of the 1000 Islands hosted a BBQ for the Children in our Relief from Radiation Program, as well as all of their host families, at the Brockville Museum.  Here the children and some of the Rotarians pose for a picture with a huge cake.


Everyone enjoyed a wonderful BBQ dinner and the Rotarians had an opportunity to meet the children, hear a few of their stories and Continue reading

Our Summer Children have Arrived!

Our Summer “relief from radiation” program is now officially underway!  After a very long 27 hour journey, that started at 11:00 PM Sunday in Belarus, our 18 children and 2 interpreters arrived safely in Brockville.  We have 14 families hosting 12 girls and 6 boys of which 5 are first time visitors to Canada.  Although very tired, the returning children were excited to be reunited with their host families.  The new children had the opportunity to meet their hosts as well as ask and answer questions through one of the interpreters before heading off for some food and rest.

This is the Hunt family from Mallorytown who are hosting 12 year old Karyna (far right) for the 4th summer and 7 year old Dasha (in ball cap) for her first trip!


Our visitors will be here for the next 5 weeks re-energizing their immune systems with Continue reading

Please Pass the Pork!

One of our initiatives for the Chausy Orphanage got pushed back into May due to weather conditions.  Here is a report on that initiative submitted by David and Margaret Campbell, our good friends in Ridgetown, Ontario.  They are an amazing couple who work tirelessly for our charity and have received a lot of support from their local community.


In the fall of 2012, discussions were held with Oleg, the Director at the Chausy Orphanage, regarding the possibility of expanding our agriculture program to include raising pigs.  In December of 2012, David Campbell of Ridgetown agreed to spearhead this project.  A local Ridgetown family financially supported this vision.

In March 2013, David and Margaret Campbell were part of the spring delegation.  The proposed ‘pig barn’ site was covered with snow and there was a foot of frost in the ground.


In May of 2013, David, along with Ed Grady of Brockville, returned to Continue reading